The Best Gaming Computer Desk – 2019 Guide

If gamers have it their way, the best gaming computer desk is the one with the most space in it – space for a monitor or three, space for gaming peripherals and your computer tower. And even space for the gaming paraphernalia you’ve collected over the years.

But, space is an issue simply because not all gamers have the luxury of space in their homes and the budget for a large desk. But is the saying, “the larger, the better” true in this situation?

Types of Gaming Desks

There are different types of gaming desks based on shape, size, and style.

  • In terms of shape, you can choose from a standard desk, an L-shaped desk, and a U-shaped desk. Which one is best? The L-shaped computer gaming desk would be your best bet among the three. It provides you with plenty of space for your things while taking up little space in your room. And if you choose your L-shaped desk wisely, you can even buy one that can be disassembled into two separate desks or back together into one long desk for LAN parties. An L-shaped computer gaming desk is also very versatile. One side can be used for gaming and the other side can be used for work, a vanity, or simply space to put all the rest of your gaming gear together.
  • There are big and small computer gaming desks; what you’re going to choose will depend on how big your room is, how big your budget is, and how much gaming paraphernalia you have that needs to be on the desk. A rule of thumb when choosing size is if it has enough space to hold your gear and a little space left for your paraphernalia or memorabilia.
  • There are a lot of styles to choose from out there. There are the more classic ones, the usual-looking desks you see in every computer or department store, and there are the futuristic looking ones that makes it seem like you’re being transported into another world.

Other Factors to Consider

  • This is fairly important since you need a desk that can hold all your things and not fall apart, especially if you’re putting more than one monitor on your desk and if you prefer putting your tower on top of your desk.
  • Yes, chair. A gaming desk won’t be much of a gaming desk if you’re just sitting on a Monobloc chair. The feel is different and the support is different. You need an ergonomic chair to go with your computer desk. You can choose tempered glass, metal, wood, or any other material.
  • Unfortunately, it comes with all desks, be it office or gaming. You’ll need to assemble your table once it reaches your home. It’s better if you choose a desk that can be assembled in a few hours, rather than take the whole day just to put together.
  • Special add-ons or features. This is a bonus, really. There are desks that have multiple levels so you can put multiple monitors on different elevations. There are those that have special provisions for your tower. There are also those that have special storage for your wired peripherals as well as power.

The Bottom Line

So, now that you’ve got all these information on how to choose the best gaming computer desk, what next? Go out and try it out! Listen to first-hand experience. Go to forums and ask what kinds of desks your fellow gamers recommend.

If you’re shopping in a physical store, you can go and sit down in front of the gaming desks you can see just to try the feel of it. Oh, and bring a measuring tape too, so you can make sure the table fits.

Get familiar with your own preferences, too; it’s not just all about budget. If you’re happy with a simple desk for your gaming rig, then that’s all right. What matters in the end is the experience you get from gaming in your computer desk.

Whether you’re using a simple office desk or a decked out computer gaming desk, if you’re still able to win games either way, then you’ve got the best gaming computer desk there is.