Space Saving Collapsible Two People Desk

Yes, you heard right, it’s one of the few two person computer desks for small spaces. But let your imagine go wild, it’s not just for computers, you could use it for anything – a sewing machine and a quilter, a work computer and a home computer. It would be great to be able to divide things so functionally with this desk.

Venture Horizon Double Mobile Desk and Craft...
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Venture Horizon Double Mobile Desk and Craft...
  • FOB Point:Mira Loma, California
  • Assembled Size: 29½” x 73½ x 18”
  • Folded Size:29½" x 22" x 18"


Desk Size: The size of this two person computer desk is 73.5 inches lengthwise, 18 inches in width and 29.5 inches tall and it weighs 83 pounds. Constructed from laminated wood or MDF, they are durable, easy to clean and offer lifetime service. There are also matching 5 or 8 drawer carts that can go with the desks. There is assembly required with this unit as it is flat packed.

Ease of Storage: The ease of storage of the 2 person computer desk seems to be what most of the buyers have been raving about. The desk can be easily folded and stored to the corner if the room needs to be used as a sudden guest room.

Mobility: The castors move easily which make it easy to move the table around but when movement is stopped, the castors remain still in place. Though the desk is heavy, the castors are steady enough to hold the weight of the table and move it around.

Assembly: Most reviewers found the assembly to take between two to two and a half hours which is reasonable for a desk of this size. Though many purchasers complained about the lack of instructions or the quality of the instructions, most of them still managed to complete the assembly within that time frame.

Extremely Spacious: Since this is a desk for two people, it is extremely spacious. One review, who used the desk for crafts, said that she could make an entire quilt on there and finished it in 2 days as opposed to a week simply because it was not falling all over the floor and getting caught up with everything.Someone else pointed out that the space made for less cluttering as they could divide the table into home and office and not mix them both up. A very smart way to distinguish between your home and personal life. Even then some of us can never do that.

Multipurpose: The desk is versatile and can be used for anything. It could be used as a sewing, quilting or craft desk, a student’s table, a study desk or even as a trestle table if you are having guests. Just drape a beautiful piece of crisp white linen and you’ll be all set to for a buffet!


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The Verdict

It is good value for money. Although this designed to be an office desk for 2 people, since the table tops fold down individually, it can easily be transformed into a single desk if you don’t need to utilize both side. It is an excellent idea. Especially dividing your office and your home bills or your office and your volunteer group. It is such a fantastic idea. It helps you psychologically change hats as you swap seats.