5 Best Kneeling Chairs to Alleviate Pain at Your Desk

Looking for an alternative solution to your back and neck pain while sitting at your desk? If you’ve tried ergonomic chairs, yoga balls, standing desks but non seem to provide a permanent solution, consider a kneeling chair. What is a Kneeling Chair? A standard office chair sits you at a 90-degree angle, which puts direct … Read more

Best Desk Chair for Back Pain


Back and neck pain both tend to be rampant amongst those of us who work from a desk. Sitting in an uncomfortable position for hours at a time can put excessive pressure on your body and potentially lead to lifelong damage. Luckily, it’s easy to take the first step towards a healthier working life. Here, … Read more

Top 5 Best Standing Desk Chairs

Standing desks are one of the latest trends to hit the workplace, offering a comfortable and healthy alternative to traditional setups. For proper support, however, you need to invest in a standing desk chair so that you can reach your workspace. We’re going to go over what you should look for in a standing office … Read more

Cheap Office Chairs – Top 5 for 2019


Anyone who sits at a computer desk for more than a couple hours each day knows the strain that lack of activity can put on your back, neck, and shoulders. Traditional office chairs do little to provide comfort to employees who must remain stationary throughout the workday. Ergonomic computer chairs, on the other hand, can … Read more