Modern Design Computer Desk Workstation

Organize your home office with the help of this simple yet practical Modern Design Computer Desk Workstation that is designed for use in the office, your home office, or dorm room.

If you wanted a computer desk that greatly features a wide surface for work, that would definitely give you a stylish look, then this is what you are looking for.

It would be a perfect addition to your office would look attractive and fabulous and would easily complement your home decor when installed.


  • Includes parts, tools and instructions for easy assembly
  • The desk is supported by black metal that has been arranged in an architectural form to provide a crisp elegant look that supports the top and the legs
  • This desk provides additional Space to work, without making a room look clunky, but instead it gives your home/office a stylish look.
  • Modern, lightweight and durable, this spacious computer desk is the perfect addition to homes, dorms and offices alike
  • Product Weight: 31 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 50 x 25.8 x 3.5 inches


A well-priced desk with no blemishes. All the parts fit perfectly and don’t really need to be pushed back for ample writing space. Supported by the black metal that has been arranged in an architectural form, this desk has its way of showcasing a stylish look and not giving you a clunky view.

The assembly set given that includes the parts, tools and instructions is designed for an easy computer desk set-up. And as it is completed, it greatly provides ample space to work for an easy and comfortable way of accomplishing tasks at hand.

It has a nice large surface area to work on but the overall size is not too big. It is lightweight and durable, it perfectly fits your desk must-haves, adding a beautiful touch to your office, home office or dorm room.


According to some feedback, there are some concerns to be addressed in terms of the delivery of the computer unit. For an instance, there were two bags with a few screws in each bag. One bag contains a set of screws that are longer that the set in the other bag.

Each bag is labelled with a letter (B and C). The labels were incorrect; the longer screws were in the bag labelled for the shorter ones. Be sure to be careful to use the correct screws when attaching the legs to the table top.

In addition, when receiving the unit, the table may be slightly damaged due to the shipment process it has undergone, but the good thing is that, when addressed immediately, replacement parts were promptly sent.


With its lightweight and durable features that cater additional workspace for easy accomplishment of tasks at hand, this Modern Design Computer Desk Workstation is specially designed for office, home office and dorm rooms, and it is a pretty good deal that is worth the price.

In some of the issues or concerns raised at hand, these not-so downsides (the mismatch of screw bags and packaging) are small things that can be easily overlooked when the advantages of the pros of the desk is put into a proper perspective.

This being said, this computer desk all-in-all is something to be considered and appreciated but if you’re looking for something that has some storage room and still comes in around the same price, check out these desks under $100.