Kings Brand Glass and Metal Home Office Desk

If you have a limited workspace but wants to install a computer desk that will perfectly fit into your small or average-sized room, make the most of it with the King’s Brand 2950 Glass and Metal Home Office Computer Workstation.

Adding this space-saving and durable piece would also bring you a great sturdy and sleek desk piece, with its black tempered glass feature, that will give your workspace a magnificent vibe.

King's Brand Glass and Metal Home Office...
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King's Brand Glass and Metal Home Office...
  • Home office computer workstation desk/table
  • Keyboard tray, 8-mm black tempered glass, 18-mm medium-density fibreboard, steel tubing with powder...
  • Available in silver finish


  • Home office computer workstation desk/table
  • Keyboard Tray, 8-mm black tempered glass, 18 mm medium-density fibreboard, steel tubing with power coating
  • Available in silver Finish
  • Simple assembly required
  • Product Weight: 55 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 39.5 L x 23.6 W x 29.5 H inches


This is an attractive, sturdy desk from Kings Brand with an overall excellent value. As the black glass give it a sleek look, it has simple lines that make the desk fits with any contemporary decor. It looks more expensive than it is, especially when you consider a big part of the cost was the shipping. The small computer desk is perfect for a room at home that is small to average size.

The pull-out keyboard feature saves enough space for the desktop. For someone who needs a vast workspace to be able to install other units such as digital pianos or MIDI controller, it still fits on perfectly. The desk is durable enough to hold a dual monitor mount.

In terms of durability, some of the reviews revealed that even after years have passed, they still love the computer workstation desk. It still features the same durability it offers right from the moment it is first assembled and the stylish look it provides.

It aces the packaging department since it is wrapped very well in a durable box. It greatly secures the black tempered glass since it is fragile. After which the packaging has been removed, the some find the assembly of the desk not as difficult as they thought it would be.


In some of the reviews of the product, it is revealed that there was a trouble in the assembly when you put all together the first few pieces. The illustrations are tiny and confusing. The reviewer then suggests to not screw anything tightly because you’re bound to be confused and you’ll have to figure it out by trial and error.

Most of the rest of it was easy to put together until the keyboard shelf. It actually needed to have holes drilled in it in order to fasten it to the sliders. Altogether, it should only take about an hour or two to assemble, but the frustration factor might make it seem longer. Still, it looks great – just be prepared to put in a little work.

Another popular concern is about the keyboard tray. While it is plenty wide (wide enough for a full size keyboard plus an ample room for a mouse) it is really low. For someone who’s really tall, having a chair at the proper height, the tray just barely clears the top of the thighs, and is nowhere near the right height for the ergonomic keyboard use. Hence, placing some risers underneath the feet is a must.

To add, the assembly department was a little bit off. As mentioned earlier in the previous cons, some of the reviews suggest that the instructions could be better. Some trial and error is needed to be able to fit perfectly everything to their respective places.


Weighing the pros and cons of purchasing this Kings Brand Glass and Metal Home Office Desk, the not-so-down sides are small things encountered just in the assembly of the unit. It can be easily overlooked once the desk’s advantages are put into proper perspective.

This being said, the computer workstation desk or table gives an excellent over-all performance (as also stated in the ratings) and is something to be considered and appreciated.

All-in-all, this computer desk is a wonderful purchase and is definitely worth the price. This simple yet beautiful desk piece is well-built and is the perfect size for a small den or office. You can enjoy comfortable computing and working from home.