How High Can Your Desk Go?

The Ideal Computer Desk Height for You

Your actual height and the height of your desk should be important aspects to consider before buying a desk. A lot of health problems are caused by this incorrect proportion. Back problems and carpal tunnel syndrome are two of the common and worst offenders.

Unfortunately, the standard height of desks in the market tend to be on the 28 to 30 inch mark. These dimensions are great if you are at least 5’8 to 5’10 tall. Any shorter or taller than that and you will have make some major adjustments.

How do you know anyway?

Start with the chair on for size. When you sit, your feet should touch the floor, and not dangle or drag on the ground. Your arms should be able to rest in a 90 degree position. You feel comfortable and not tight. The chair alone may not be the best indicator for a table, but it is still important to get one with a seat cushion and a head and neck support.

In addition, the chair may also be adjustable with regards to height to be able to compensate for any adjustment in the future.

Once you get it over and done with, let’s go on with the desk.

If you are buying a computer desk for the first time, it’s better to shop at the actual store. With this, you will be able to determine which type you prefer and how tall it should be. Ask a salesclerk beforehand to try on a table and a chair on display.

Sit on a chair with armrests and try to maintain a 90 degree position. Place your hands on the table. If it feels comfortable, then the table and the chair is a nice combo. If it’s not, try to adjust the chair’s height. Also try to adjust the distance between you and the table. If nothing works, proceed with another table.

Working on computers is hard work. You don’t need to add the stress of incorrect fitting. The desks for computer work usually works best if the height is lower than the height of your elbows. If your typing skills are more of hunting and looking for the letter variety, you would do better with something higher.

If you are an employer with staff of varied heights, you may want to invest on some tables with different heights. Here are some pretty basic dimensions to serve as guide. The tables may not be as perfect as you want. However, you can always the adjust the height of the available chairs.

  • Tables with Sitting Staff: heights of around 22 to 33 inches
  • Tables for Standing Staff: heights of around 35 to 57 inches
  • Tables for Sitting and Standing: 22 to 47 inches

Ergonomic Desks

Then, if you are willing, there are a lot of desks in the market which are adjustable to individual employees. This is especially great if there’s a lot of staff sharing one worktable. Here are some tips about desk ergonomics that you should take a look at.


This desk is dual motor-powered for height adjustment. It also comes with a digital control, curved tabletops and it is designed to support as much as 300 pounds of weight!

Steelcase Airtough

The company is Steelcase and it has presented a lovely specimen of a desk with an adjustable feature. This is controlled by a lever located under the surface of the table. Given a polish, metallic finish, it comes with a very strong base for support and coverage. It sort of looks like the old hospital versions of a table, but it is more modern-looking.


This model is has a no-fuss look. You can choose from different materials that makes up the whole ensemble. There’s bamboo, aluminum, wella, wood and as many different colors. The catch is that they have grommets for your cable use as well as add ons like trays for your keyboard. Get the simple look by covering it with the company’s innovative sleeve called the NextFlex.

Ergo Desktop Kangaroo

This one’s great if you’re looking to upgrade your desk look from standard to paneled. Choose from customizable colors and the option for bigger space.


Digital adjustment comes with this bestseller. You can have the choice from four heights. The design is more of a standard thing, though. Purchase it with a range of colors to choose from.

Ergo Depot Jarvis

This is perfect with that one-table-fits-all approach. The Ergo Depot designs tables that ranges in width, height, weight capacity and memory settings for your height requirements.

Human Solution Uplift

Wheels and multiple designs ran wild with this table. Select from a variety of options in material from wood, laminate to butchers’ table. Add on a keyboard tray and it’s good to go.

Anthro Elevate II

If your problem is with cable wirings all over the place, this may be your best bet. Alongside the convenient feature of moving the table up and down, you can also have to option of wheels with locks. One drawback is that it needs to be plugged into an outlet to use the height adjustment feature.


Budget is the name of the game for this desk. Pore over the company Kickstarter’s many viable options which include 40 to 70 inches of width and a 200 pound support capacity. A great accessory to go with any standing desk is a balance board. These provide superior comfort while standing on your feet all day. Some of them even rock back and forth, providing exercise while you’re working at your desk!

Humanscale Float

This table will make sure of a lever to adjust the height, very low tech and low maintenance. The table will also be able to handle a load of up to 160 pounds.