Cool Computer Desks

Computer desk designs mentioned here are the stuff of what gamers and hardcore multi-media professionals dream of: ergonomic designs, coupled with lots of storage space in one compact package. Some do not even look like a desk, but instead more of a multi-purpose chair. We threw in some more minimalistic gems for good measure.

A little disclaimer here: most of these babies are way out of an average individual’s budget. But who knows? They could get real cheap in the future. We can only hope.  If you’re on a tight budget, have a look at these affordable desks.

Rossetto – Nightfly Desk

This black beauty is a subtle computer desk. It’s a showpiece table by day. Open the middle section and it’s a computer desk by night. Its lines are smooth, sharp, accented by leather and hardwood. The crocodile leather-chair spells out luxury item, too. This is perfect for affluent people who are looking for formal pieces in their bedroom or living room.

Bluelounge Studio Desk
6 Reviews
Bluelounge Studio Desk
  • All peripherals and excess cables are hidden
  • Keeping the desktop clear of clutter
  • Everything goes in the storage compartment

This black and white minimalistic desk from Bluelounge combines both modern and old-school style. The material itself is made of mahogany hardwood. The best part here is that the middle section is a rolling, adjustable tray. Talk about increasing your table depth!

Techni Mobili Bristol Teen Computer Desk, Blue And White

The cute design invokes images of a rocket, claims one viewer. It’s pretty cute, too. Here you have a keyboard tray, a lower open storage space that contains a drawer and more space. On the side is a large catalogue shelf. The smooth edges are great not only for teens but also your younger children.

Steelcase Walkstation: Height Adjustable -...
2 Reviews
Steelcase Walkstation: Height Adjustable -...
  • Integrated treadmill and height-adjustable desk to keep you moving while you work
  • Display console shows speed, calories burned, time and distance, display can be visible or stored
  • Motor designed to withstand the rigors of slow speeds and possible higher weights for long periods...

Work and work out with this innovative desk design by Steelcase. A hybrid of a treadmill and a standing computer desk is the works.

Bush Business Furniture Series C Elite 48' by...
3 Reviews
Bush Business Furniture Series C Elite 48" by...
  • Resilient: thermally fused laminate work surface resists scratches and stains Compatible
  • Expand with matching Series C Elite Hutch, Storage and Filing Products Durable
  • Edge banding helps prevent nicks and scratches to the surface. Neat

This corner desk has raised the bar with built-in corner lights, an overhead cabinet system, fabric-based board for tacking notes, grommets, a diamond coat tabletop that’s scratch resistant, among other things. The overall look is of professionalism with functionality.

Techni Mobili Complete Workstation Computer...
709 Reviews
Techni Mobili Complete Workstation Computer...
  • Comes in chocolate finish
  • Includes box/box/file pedestal
  • Includes shelf for computer storage

If the Bush corner desk is too intimidating for you, try this standard desk from Techni Mobili. Given in dark brown finish, you will enjoy the hardwood with laminated overlay. It contains all the basic office storage needs: hang file drawer, accessory shelf, keyboard tray, DVD rack, bottom rack for a CPU. Affordable, this is a great buy!

PCE computer desk prototype

This desk is so futuristic, it hasn’t even existed yet! Designers have this beauty down to the most minute detail on how to make your gaming experience as comfortable as possible, literally and figuratively. With three monitors, to footrest, to armrests and whatnot, it’s will be a great investment for serious gamers out there.

Overbed Workstation 8 (OBW-9) from ErgoQuest

This is was built to be used as a high-tech computer desk designed for use on beds. You have a metal frame to support desk and three monitors (!), with a titling capacity, padded keypad, rack at the sides and a laminated table surface. If you rather work lying down, at least this is a viable option!

The Emperor

These desk/chair would be perfect for any StarWars fan out there. The Emperor combines the anesthetics of a StarWars gunning center and the beauty of a gaming desk. You can easily adjust the height of your computer screen, recline on your modern comfy chair and play with three monitors! You will also enjoy surround sound, courtesy of Dolby, a battery back up power source, among other things. Too good to be true?


Created by German Media Computing Group, this desk will eliminate for any need of other stuff. This leaves your hands really free to work on encoding, typing, even playing up some games! The whole structure may be a bulky L-shaped desk that looks more like a old piano being overhauled. With time, though, it could look even cooler. No price mentioned with this baby yet.

Paradise Desk

This is a black carbon fiber desk with storage spaces built into the tabletop. A small peekaboo trapdoor will hide your cables; in addition, you have ports for your seven USBs and a power outlet on the table top itself. So far, because of the shipping and production costs, there hasn’t been a fixed price for this computer desk on the market.

This desk isn’t high-tech, but its built-in grooves are especially designed for smartphones, tablets and cups! Plus, you have a built-in mouse pad.

Pedal Power

It’s a desk with pro-earth attitude! Pedal away to produce electricity for your devices while you burn some calories. Save on some dollars on the electricity bill while you save up on carbon prints, too. The price tag is a little high though. The good news is, the inventors are planning to raise funds to make this affordable and available for everyone.

Tactical Desk

Take your computer desk anywhere with this army-type Tactical desk. It’s with a power source to juice up your devices on the go. The drawers are included, and the small side table can be folded for easy transport. Check out some other awesome desks here.