Types of Computer Desks

Computer desks are a diverse lot. There are hundreds of them online, and most of them are pretty decent. You’ve gone over with the right material, the right specs, and the right warranty.

However, you should never underestimate the power of your space at home or office where your desk is going to stand. It’s no good buying a $500 desk if it doesn’t fit into your room or it clashes with your decor.

The idea here is to make sure you are buying into a desk layout that fits with your space at home or in the office. This article is going to explore the suitability of all the types of desks, and not just space factor.

We will also consider other real world concerns such as the style you want, the view you want to see on or over your desk, privacy, and convenience with regards to the placement.

Corner Desks

To start with, we have what we call the corner desk. This type of desk are built into a small corner of a kitchen or living room. Usually, it is composed of an L-shaped table that’s mostly small, around less than 20 inches in width at the longest area, and less than 12 inches in the shortest space.

The good thing about it is that it’s great for any room. It’s also serves its function in rooms such as the kitchen or the living room. The computer desk can easily be served also as a decorative, writing and reading table. You can pile up magazines and a laptop. You can make it into a writing desk, with some decor put in. A bouquet or two of flowers could similarly complete the set-up, making it an attractive addition to any room.

The downside is its small size. As one source quips, “who wants to look at a corner?” Um, nobody is what we are guessing. Besides this, the desk will not provide great privacy for whatever you are going to research or do online. Sitting there could also be a bit cramped, with the small space provided.

It’s great for casual computer work maybe, but not the serious stuff. In addition, it’s pretty hard to do a DIY project out of this desk type. You would need it to be big enough that you can fully appreciate its features, but not as big that it would occupy too much space.

Verdict: good enough, if you want to put in some loose space. Practicality-wise, though it’s not a good investment.

L-shaped Desks

Then we have the L-shaped Desk. The best part about this is this contains more room for the laptop and computer with a CPU. Plus with this one, you can have a lot of space for many of the accessories that come with the personal computer (such as wirings, cables, loudspeakers, etc).

Many models in the market has even upped the ante with a middle space as a space reserved for the CPU itself.

In addition, it’s pretty convenient with regards to how easily you can reach objects. The two-in-one feature will give this a nice anesthetic look. Privacy-wise, it will be able to give you a bigger option than the corner desk.

Unfortunately, it’s still a corner desk, only bigger, wider and with two tables.

Verdict: pretty great. Better than the standard corner desk.

U-shaped Desks

The U-Shaped Desk will be a nice addition to a spacious room. You will have a lot of storage spaces for your computer desk needs. You could put in a scanner, printer, books, wiring and loudspeakers and whatnot, and it would still look pretty well done.

The extra cabinet and drawers will serve as spaces to put in tape dispensers, staples and books. It’s also great, if you are sharing the work space with another person.

There would be at least enough space for both of you, along with some left over. The downside is that it will take up a lot of space, to the point that it will become a centerpiece of the room.

Having said that, the table itself will not be able to fit in any type of room. Consider your options well before buying this type of furniture.

Verdict: good for spacious rooms. Probably great with sharing space with someone, too.

Standard Desks

The standard wall desk will be the most versatile of the desks so far. Being that it’s mounted into a wall, it’s going to be stable, and mostly durable. The build-in-the-wall desk will be applicable to any house or room. It’s so useful that you can actually take advantage of every inch of space.

Double it up as a decorative table with some tasty art pieces or flowers and voila! A computer/decoration table! Just as well, it can also be turned into any sort of table for any type of use. For example, it can be recycled as a kitchen table, or the base of a book shelf. Just put in some shelves and then it’s transformed!

Some downsides to it is are that you won’t be able to see much of a view when you are looking at the wall.

Verdict: great for rooms with space restrictions.

Double Bar Desks

The Double-Bar Desks will be a valuable contribution as a desk layout. There are basically two desks. The great thing about it is that it will divide the space. Plus, having this kind of lay out will be sure to wow most of your friends. You may need with a bigger floor area, though.

Verdict: Nice if you have a large room.