Computer Desk Hacks

Computer desks are very important in any office workspace, especially for tasks made at home. Ideally, it must be functional and comfortable at the same time. It may be overwhelming as the market offers a wide variety of desks with regards to sizes, designs, styles, materials, and prizes.

When it to getting through the work day, we need all of the help we can get. So in the spirit of making things, with some creativity and craftwork, instituting some computer desk hacks can also be a good way to fit your needs.

Here are some useful hacks to help you in your office needs:

A Mess of Cables

In organizing cable wires, there are some items that are readily available at home and can be used in some organization hacks.

  • Binder Clips – Tangled and intertwined wires can be very stressful as it is difficult to de-tangle into their separate pieces, with the help of some friendly binder clips, you can make sure that they stay where they are supposed to.
  • Kitchen Baskets – Another great way to corral all of those loose wires is to attach a plastic kitchen basket to the underside of your desk for easy, out-of-the-way storage.
  • Twist ties – with all the wires that we use every day, from mobile phone chargers to USB ports, sometimes you need to store some of them in a separate storage. Keep them from turning into a rat’s nest by using twist ties to keep them separate and organized.
  • Toilet paper rolls – Another way to keep all those wires from tangling in the drawer is using some old toilet paper rolls. A single wire for one paper rolls. The more rolls you have, the more rooms you can store those wires that you own
  • Bread Clips or Washi Tapes – All of the wires that feed into the back of a computer can get kind of confusing, especially if you need to locate a specific one. With the help of bread clips, each labelled with the specific name or function of the wire can help keep everything straight.

Amplify the sound of your phones!

If you want to give your smartphone its own speakers, then that means either sharing them with the PC or having at least four speakers and lots of wires. A simple solution though is to take a cup or a plastic bowl and drop your phone into it. Want to go one step further? Put a toilet roll over the speakers and then cut holes into two cups and use them to amplify the sound at either end.

Who needs a tripod? Does a do-it-yourself phone stand!

Create a smartphone stand for hands-free video chatting or steady pictures by using an old cassette case. Why spend money on a stand for your phone when there are already plenty of things around the home that can do the job perfectly? Cut a tennis ball in half and cut a slit along the top, or even just clasp the phone horizontally in a hair clip. Wallets work well too, as do cards with a little blue tack.

Stand Up!

Elevate your workspace to take your health to the next level! Read more about the benefits of standing desks in our article about adjustable height desks.

  • Paper Reams: If your office has a copy machine, it probably has a paper stash. Make three piles of paper reams on your desk: one for your screen; one in front of it, but slightly lower for your keyboard; and a third pile to the left or right side of your keyboard to elevate your mouse. Push the paper aside when you want to take a load off, and place the devices back on your desk.
  • Try a step stool: At less than 20 bucks, a step stool can give your screen a leg up at home. Place it top of your dresser to create your desk, then stow the stool underneath it when you take a sitting break.
  • Use your desk chair:Place your chair on top of your desk and your laptop on the seat. Without a place to sit, you won’t be tempted to plop down prematurely.
  • Make your bookshelf do double duty:Clear off two shelves of a tall bookshelf, and arrange your screen on one and your keyboard and mouse on the one beneath it.
  • Use a folding bed tray:Prop one on your kitchen countertop, table, or dresser to elevate your screen. Then slip the keyboard underneath. Fold it flat in a kitchen cupboard for easy storage.
  • Use an over-the-door ironing board:An over-the-door ironing board provides a steady surface to place your laptop. They take up zero space if your place is too small for a proper desk, let alone a standing one. Prop your laptop on some books or a shoebox if it feels too low.

Keep it Clean!

Clean a dirty keyboard by using a piece of clear tape or sticky notes to get between the keys. After cleaning you may personalize your keyboard by using a Washi tape to add some touch of color and patterns. The tapes can also be used to give your iPhone personality, to cover up cracks/scratches.

Additional Hacks!

Create a DIY charging station for your phone or other electronics to ensure they don’t create even more clutter on your desk or in your office by using an empty bottle of shampoo or lotion (of course, you must clean the insides). Use a cutter to cut the front portion in half and create a hook over the back portion of the container. Voila! Say no to wire clutter.

Overheating laptop? If you’re in dire need of some way to cool down your laptop and don’t want to spend the cash on a cooling pad, use an empty egg carton as a stand to keep your laptop cool.

Nothing feels better than an organized work space. It’s why organizing for maximum productivity is so often one of those ever-present things on our “to do… one day” list. We basically all want a super-organized computer desk, but the majority of us just never seem to actually have one. But with some creativity and crafting work, you can actually achieve one.