Computer Desk Designs: Space Savers Edition

Desks used to be huge, bulky and ugly. Some of them were so big, they could occupy the entire room. However, just as computers got smaller, desks have gotten smaller. Now you get tables attached into the wall. Or computer desks that also double as a kitchen table. Or desks with built in aquariums.

That’s what we are handling right now: some incredible, almost futuristic desks that look straight out of a sci-fi movie. Although they may not a tad too pricey for our budget, poring over them is basically free.

Take a look at some of these amazing small computer desk designs below.

OneLessDesk is a modern marvel of a desk. Designed by the Heckler Designs, it’s a two-in-one desk with a sleek paint finish. It’s great for one laptop and a single monitor. The width is a few inches wide for both tables. If you are as accident prone as me, you also appreciate the smooth edges.

The table legs are outfitted with plastic table ends. The only drawback that can say about it is you won’t have any drawers for all the extra stuff. In addition, it’s priced at around $790.

Kitty Hawk has a two-function-in-one computer desk from NDC Homes, Inc. Appreciate how the desk incorporates a V shelf that doubles as a bookshelf. That means if you’re done with your computer work, you can reach out to get a book from the other end. That’s beautiful for any bookworm. Pun intended. The only thing that will discourage is its size. The desk is as big as a kitchen table.

In fact, you can have four of your friends eat together and still have some space left over. If you have some space restrictions in your apartment, this is not a great buy.

Go minimalistic with this computer desk from the Milk company. It looks like a bigger version of a TV stand with its wide surface and small base. There are a lot of clean straight lines here. You have three small spaces built on the surface of the table. One of them will be perfect for a small aquarium. Each of the space is closed with a smooth lid.

The striking feature is that it’s built with Mac computers in mind, so that the monitor can be slid through the table’s platform. One of the commentors say that it’s not built for durability. That remains to be seen, since apparently, not a lot of people are buying it.

The Signalement desk is a smooth desk same in design as OneLessDesk. The whole material is made up of medium-density fibreboard (MDF) . This means it is tougher than your standard plywood. The coating is with a high luster. It’s a perfect gift for guys.

Simple is more. However price is not. Considering that this product comes from a company that doles out classical pieces, this one will be one expensive buy.

How about trying on with ReWrite desk? Imagine one fourth of an eggshell. Put over a table and you get this gem by GamFratesi. One commenter mentioned it will lessen your distractions. Most likely it will, but it’s so concave that it will take some getting used to.

If you are desperate to get work and study done, this will be one perfect desk. Some disadvantages here: there are no drawers; it can get pretty cramped with all of your stuff on the table.

Some of the most innovative desks ever came across is this K Workstation form MisoSoup. The whole thing looks like a long furniture being attached into a wall. From one end, you can place your computer. This side will have a shelf for your keyboard. Then you have a very long upper shelf. It’s at least three times longer than the length of the computer area.

This is designed to be placed with books. The picture given for advertisement looks lovely with grainy wood finish. Probably it’s not going to be practical for a rented apartment. At any rate, it will be a great deal.

If you use and prefer personal computers, you would want to look over VU.VU.VU desk from Emmemobili. The entire thing is designed to look as a utilitarian school bench with two metallic legs.

There is a long rod that connects both legs for additional support. There is an open compartment underneath for a standard-sized CPU. This has grooves to aid in air circulation for the CPU. In addition, you have the usual rolling shelf for your keyboard. Most of the customers say it looks like it’s levitating. What do you think?

Your computer desk needs may not just about choosing and buying a new piece of furniture. You can always convert from an old piece of furniture. Give it some creative add-ons. Subtract on some obsolete pieces. Then you get the look.

Consider a computer desk named as a “mid-century remodel.” You have the standard wooden cabinet. Think of a solid cabinet with at least eight drawers. The dimensions are basically so small that it will fit an five by three square meter space. Then you add a rolling shelf. Put on your laptop on the table and then put it away after use. Your cabinet is now a working computer desk.

Or watch out for a cute marble counter top. Attach with cabinets. Mount some overhead lanterns, drill some discreet holes for the wires. Voila! You have a classy computer desk design that certainly adds charm to any room.

Perhaps the cutest design to do is with an antique writing table with a flip-up desk. Just put in a laptop. Instant upgrade is here.