Computer Desk Depth & Standard Dimensions

Most people understand why it’s so important to have the proper height of a computer desk. But width and depth are also important measurements to consider.

Height of the table is the distance from the surface of the table to the floor. Width is the horizontal length – or left to right length when sitting properly at a desk. Depth is the measurement from front to back of the desk top.


The depth of the table can make our lives better by easing work. Many a crick in the hands and wrists can be prevented and lessened with proper placement. It’s also quite beneficial health-wise – too deep, and you would be leaning your head forward. This will strain your neck, causing stiff necks.

Too shallow and it will shorten the therapeutic distance between the eyes and the screen. This will cause eye strain, damaging your eyesight. Overall, the desk may be the key to make your work easier and better.

The good news is that we have everything here: technicalities, some table models, desks for small spaces, and alternative affordable methods.

A little note here before you go on.

Let’s Get Technical

First of all, let’s tackle some physical measurements here. This is the acceptable range for most cases. You can tweak according to how much depth you would prefer.

  • Desks for computer use: twenty to thirty inches
  • Desks for children use: eighteen to twenty inches
  • Desks for the lap: twelve to eighteen inches
  • Desks for artists (tilted ones for sketching): eighteen to twenty four inches
  • Desks for secretary use (or ones with heavy handwriting and encoding): eighteen to twenty-four inches
  • Desks purely for typing: sixteen to twenty-four inches
  • Desks purely for writing: twenty to twenty-four inches
  • Desks used on the lap (think breakfast trays or desks used while on the bed): twenty to eighteen inches
  • Desks used as a pedestal: twenty-four to thirty inches
  • Desks used in airplanes: eighteen inches

Here are some more depth measurements according to the space allotted for the knees and feet. Knees ring in at a minimum at eighteen inches, and maximum at twelve to fifteen inches. Feet are comfortable with a depth of twenty-four inches.

In addition, the maximum depth is around thirty inches. If you are not sure about the whole physical measurements, just make sure that there will be enough space for air circulation and for the wires. Another thing: consider the space you want that allows you to push back the laptop to one side as you grab for a book and a tissue box.

Delightful Desks with Depth

These are some affordable computer desks best buys. Their table depth is around twenty inches. Have fun shopping!

A little note here: some online sites do not use the term depth. Rather, the terms length, height and width are used. Length is for the height of the desk from the floor to the surface of the table. Height is the depth. Width is the horizontal length of the table. To prevent confusion, we have converted it into the depth we are talking about.

Best Choice Products Wood Computer Desk...
114 Reviews
Best Choice Products Wood Computer Desk...
  • Made out of real wood and sturdy materials to support accessories for your work desk
  • Contains an adjustable shelf to accommodate to your personal needs
  • Includes a drawer to store away items and keep the area looking clean

This desk is of real black wood. This one measures 32 by 41 by 19.5 inches (length x width x depth). It goes with a smaller table that houses the drawer, a higher surface area to place your lamp shade, and a deep space for your CPU – that is, if you are using a personal computer. At any rate, you can place any boxes for filing. It’s great for study and light encoding.+

Computer Desk - CrazyLynX Corner Desk PC...
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Computer Desk - CrazyLynX Corner Desk PC...
  • 【Desk with Open Bookshelf】The CrazyLynX computer desk size: L47" * W23.6" * H29.5", features on...
  • 【Free Book Rack & Monitor Stand】Package comes with a free book rack and monitor stand, the book...
  • 【Durable Metal Legs & Thick Desktop】The desk legs are made from firm metal that be more stable...

This desk is a black beauty, and goes with the following dimensions: 35.43 by 21.65 by 29.92 inches (length x width x depth). It’s basically an L-shaped desk, made up of steel and board. A keyboard tray is included. It’s great for some serious gaming.

Ergonomic Compact Computer Desk Workstation
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Ergonomic Compact Computer Desk Workstation
  • Deluxe ergonomic compact computer desk is an elegant, heavy-duty, high-quality product
  • Ready-to-assemble desk; Slide-out keyboard shelf with safety stop
  • CPU shelf keeps your computer safe - elevated and off the floor without getting in your way or...

This desk features clean colors and a metal frame with rounded edges. It has the following measurements: 30 by 43 by 20 inches (length x width x depth). With a shelf for your printer, a keyboard tray, and an elevated area for CPU. It’s great for office work and for limited space.

What to do to Maximize Available Depth

Sometimes, you just can’t change your desk’s depth. You may have bought a new computer desk and it was on discount. You thought you already checked out the specs. However, when you opened and assembled the whole package, you find it’s too narrow – or you do not want to buy a new one, even though it’s a bit small.

You can still work your way out of this problem. There are a lot of things you can add or subtract from your desk without much fuss. Here are some tips that could be helpful.

  • Consider some temporary measures such as boxes to put in some unnecessary things. Sort them later.
  • Mount overhead shelves for the piles that do not need urgent attention. Simply buy a small bookshelf as an alternative.
  • Screw your monitor into the wall if possible. Leaving that much space free will have more space for other things.
  • Get a lighting source with a flexible neck that can be screwed on the wall. You can also alternatively purchase one that stands on the ground.
  • Attach a keyboard tray that can be attached into your desk’s space underneath. This is only applicable if you have a standard table without any drawers underneath.
  • Also, you can purchase an arm extender for your ease of working on the mouse and laptop.
  • Remove anything that’s not necessarily used everyday (such as printers, staples, and tape dispensers). Place them in drawers if you have any.
  • Swap the desk with something more roomy, if that’s possible!
  • Consider buying a side table that’s longer in terms of table width but with narrower table depth.