Awesome Computer Desks


You probably put a lot of time and effort into choosing your computer or the components that are in your computer, so you should also take a little bit of time to find the right desk to put your powerful machine on. Not all desks are boring, so look around to see what you can … Read more

Computer Desk Gaming Setup

Computer Desk Gaming Setup

Gamers unite! This article is all about setting up the best desk and tools for that 3D game. Here is the mash-up of all the gear you’ll be needing for that high-end gaming environment. Start with a Solid Surface First stop, let’s check up on the computer desks. The most popular ones on the market … Read more

Computer Desk Ergonomics

Computer Desk Ergonomics

The human body was not built to be sitting in front of the computer 48 hours per week. Sadly, since most of our contemporary work involves computers, this is almost always the case. One way or another, most people have already experienced back and neck pains at the computer desks. You could have at least … Read more

How High Can Your Desk Go?

How High Can Your Desk Go

The Ideal Computer Desk Height for You Your actual height and the height of your desk should be important aspects to consider before buying a desk. A lot of health problems are caused by this incorrect proportion. Back problems and carpal tunnel syndrome are two of the common and worst offenders. Unfortunately, the standard height … Read more

Office Ergonomics Tips to Reduce Pain and Increase Productivity

office ergonomic tips

We spend a better part of our day sitting at our desks which can be very taxing on our back, neck, arms, and eyes. Poor working conditions can cause momentary pain and in some cases long term injury as well. Adverse working conditions are also a major contributor toward reduced efficiency and loss of income … Read more

Computer Desk vs. Writing Desk

Computer Desk vs Writing Desk

Desks are important, even in this day and age where multitasking gadgets such as tablets, cellphones and MP3s reign supreme. That is why, through it all, there has always been a market for every desk under the sun. However, there are so many types that there isn’t a strict rule in order to categorize them. … Read more

What Makes the Best Home Office Desk?

What Sets the Best Home Office Desk Apart From the Rest

Any flat surface can practically become a desk in seconds. Simply clear the surface, put your computer on it, and voila! You have a desk. But nobody wants just any kind of desk, especially when you’re looking to use it for your home office. When the budget applies, why not splurge on the best home … Read more

Types of Computer Desks

Computer Desks Layout

Computer desks are a diverse lot. There are hundreds of them online, and most of them are pretty decent. You’ve gone over with the right material, the right specs, and the right warranty. However, you should never underestimate the power of your space at home or office where your desk is going to stand. It’s … Read more

Computer Desk Hacks

Computer Desk Hacks

Computer desks are very important in any office workspace, especially for tasks made at home. Ideally, it must be functional and comfortable at the same time. It may be overwhelming as the market offers a wide variety of desks with regards to sizes, designs, styles, materials, and prizes. When it to getting through the work … Read more

Computer Desk Designs: Space Savers Edition

Computer Desk Designs Space Savers Edition

Desks used to be huge, bulky and ugly. Some of them were so big, they could occupy the entire room. However, just as computers got smaller, desks have gotten smaller. Now you get tables attached into the wall. Or computer desks that also double as a kitchen table. Or desks with built in aquariums. That’s … Read more