Coaster Home Furnishings Peel Black Computer Desk

There are so many different types of computer desks out there, that you may just want to give up and purchase the first one you see. This would be a big mistake not only because you may end up with a desk that doesn’t have what you need, but it may also be something that is hard to put together or simply isn’t big enough.

The best thing for you to do is keep searching until you find one that has the features you can live with, a design or look you like, and a price that won’t break the bank. The Coaster Peel Black computer desk checks off all of these boxes, so keep reading to find out all the aspects of the product.

Peel Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray Black...
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Peel Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray Black...
  • Set includes: One (1) computer desk
  • Materials: Melamine paper, Hollow board with honey comb and Particle board
  • Finish Color: Black Oak


Floating top: This desk has a floating top. This means the top isn’t entirely closed off to form a box. Instead there is a bit of space between the top and the sides of the desk. This can help air flow get through so you won’t get too hot while sitting at the desk. More importantly, this allows for you to be able to put wires through these holes, so you can hook up all the different parts of your computer and plug them in. This floating top also has a cool look to it, which may make people ask you about your desk, since it isn’t as simple as other desks out there.

Classic design: Besides having the floating top, the rest of the desk has a rather classic design. It comes in black and has a wooden look to it. Even though it is made of MDF, it is made quite well. It is sturdy with its legs and boxy shape that are easily recognizable.

Great looking finish: Many people that own this desk purchased it because it has a very cool finish. The finish is not just wooden in appearance but it also has a somewhat silver tint to it that mimics the wood grain. This looks really great when you have it set up in your home, and gives it a little something extra, since it’s pretty to look at. This glossy finish also makes it harder to scratch up or even to see scratches if the top of the desk gets damaged a bit. This also means it can dress up an area or fit in a space that is a little less formal. Whatever space you need this desk for, it should be able to work well in.

Keyboard tray: This desk has the type of keyboard tray that you’re looking for. Other desks have trays that aren’t wide enough for most keyboards to fit, or they won’t slide out far enough to use. This tray has neither of those problems, and it has the same look and finish as the rest of the desk, so it looks great too.

Independent adjustable feet: If you are worried about marking up your floor or have had problems with other desks being wobbly, this desk has a fix for that. It comes with special feet that can be placed on the bottom, and set to different lengths if need be to set off any height difference. This means you can make it steadier and keep the desk from moving around at all.


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Although the ideal desk would likely be made out of 100 percent wood, those aren’t exactly cost effective. When you can get a desk, like this one, that looks like wood, but is actually fancier, you should give it some heavy consideration. The most obvious reason to purchase this desk is that it is classic and not complicated to use. Besides that, if you like the desk and its finish, you can actually buy other extras to go with it. You can purchase things like carts for your computer tower and other things separately from the maker of the product. This can allow you to have matching office items, which will make you happy and will look great in your home.

Another great thing about this desk is the floating top. This makes it easy to put all types of wires through and it makes the desk look really cool too. Some people didn’t care for it because they didn’t see what the point was, but it really gives it a little something that many desks don’t have. The keyboard tray on this one is great, considering it can handle most keyboards and won’t leave you with wrist strain. A few that have this desk chose not to use it because they didn’t like it, but they reported that if you don’t use it, there’s not a lot of room on the desktop for your monitors and your keyboards to sit, so this may be a problem for you.

Since the table can be set to not wobble on the ground, it’s hard to mess up, and there aren’t a lot of parts to keep up with. This is a beautiful small computer desk that is great for your first computer desk, a desk for your teens, or even for your gaming room. There’s no wrong answer when it comes to a reason to use this neat table. It is a simple design that is a little more dressed up and fun.