Minimalist Desk by NEED


Here’s a list of this desk’s top features to check out.

  • Has strong frame: This desk is constructed of mostly metal and has a finish that makes it even more durable. For this reason, the table is extremely strong. That means you should be able to keep your computers, monitors, printer, and whatever else you need to use for work all in the same place. You won’t really have to concern yourself that you will be weighing it down or putting your items at risk of becoming damaged.
  • Can hold a lot of weight: Since the desk is so strong, it can hold over 800 pounds. Your computer doesn’t weigh that much, so that leaves room for everything from lamps to books to paperweights, and everything in between.
  • Simple design: The desk looks much like a regular table, so you may already have items in your house that it will match with. It is a slender tabletop that has four sturdy legs. This desktop is either a light wooden color or black and the legs are black, since there are two different styles to choose from. This allows for the table to fit in just about anywhere and with all types of different colors and styles.
  • Easy to put together: You really only have to put the 4 legs on when you’re putting this item together. That means you just have to tighten a few bolts to make this one stand up well over time. However, it is important that you read the directions because they are a little more complicated than you may think at first glance, although the process is still easy.
  • More than just a computer desk: There are no keyboard shelves, drawers, or other extras present with this desk, so it can do a lot more for you than just hold your computer. You can use it for pretty much any purpose because it is simple and professional enough to use in any room. Furthermore, this means you should be able to use it in your home or your place of business without it looking cheap. The top even has an anti-scratch surface, so you won’t end up harming your tabletop. This also allows for it to be easy to keep clean. Simply wipe up spills when they happen and there’s no harm done.
  • Lots of surface room: The thing that is missing from a lot of affordable computer desks is a large surface area. This table definitely doesn’t suffer from not having enough room. The top is nearly four feet long, which is a big area for all your items.
  • Has special legs: This desk doesn’t just sit directly on the floor. It has specialized legs that will not mark up your floor. This not only helps keep your home from becoming damaged, but also helps to stabilize the desk even further.
  • Anti scratch surface
  • Minimalist design
  • Easy to clean
  • Won't damage your floor
  • Easy assembly with instructions


Not only is this desk great as a computer desk, but it is great as a desk for pretty much every other purpose too. It can also simply be a really cool table. It is easy to put together, holds a great amount of weight, and is hard to mess up. This is an all around good deal, unless you’re someone that really needs to have extra storage and shelves. If you do, you may want to get a shelf put near this desk or find a filing cabinet that can sit underneath your table. Either one of these items would solve the problem of storage.

Other problems users had were that the table was too heavy for them to move around and that it wobbled a bit when they were trying to use it. For the latter issue, you may not have put the desk together properly, since the manufacturer added specific features to keep the table from wobbling. Make sure you read the instructions and tighten the bolts properly, in order for your table to be as stable as possible.

Since the item is so simple and is virtually effortless to maintain, you should keep this one high on your list. It isn’t necessarily a textbook computer desk, but it has a large area, and can hold anything you want it to. The fact that it will also match pretty much any décor and you don’t have to spend but around 10 minutes putting it together make this one really a no brainer. People that use the desk love it and have no complaints with it. They are able to put more than one monitor on it, and some people use it for gaming, audio recording tasks, and much more. There is so much you can do with this desk and you can always take it apart and move it around easily when you need to. It is a simple table that can do a lot and you shouldn’t ever run out of space with it. There’s nothing wrong with that, especially when it is also easy on your wallet.