Computer Desk Gaming Setup

Computer Desk Gaming Setup

Gamers unite! This article is all about setting up the best desk and tools for that 3D game. Here is the mash-up of all the gear you’ll be needing for that high-end gaming environment.

Start with a Solid Surface

First stop, let’s check up on the computer desks. The most popular ones on the market are the following:

Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk, Black with Black Glass

What’s to Drool Over: the glass that goes with the steel framework that speaks of classy gaming experience. This is a two-in-one desk, all with glass surfaces. A middle space would cover your CPU needs; then you have a keyboard tray, finished off with some X legs. All in all, you have a pretty futuristic look for only $99. Click here to read more about this corner desk.

Atlantic Gaming Desk

What’s to Drool Over: the multi-level panels for your dual monitor requirements. You can also decide to have both monitors side by side on the wall. The desk is primarily intended for Atlantic branded gaming consoles and whatnot, but why not? The desk itself is designed to withstand a twenty-seven inch monitors, with a total of 40 pounds. Additional shelving includes a holder for your headphones to be hang, a glass shelf for your cellphones and MP3 players, speakers, and an open rack for DVDs or CDs. There’s a nice bonus of space for your tumbler, all for the beefy price of $105.

Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk

What’s to Drool Over: this four-legged wonder is black beauty, with enough space for your CPU, grommets, and a space for at a pair of monitors standing side by side. One of the perks of this baby is its easy assembly. Then you have a whopping 250 pound capacity for the entire thing. You can’t get any better with just $98.15!

Bush Furniture Harvest Espresso OakCabot Collection-60-inch L-Desk, Espresso Oak

What’s to Drool Over: inside this sharp oak professional look is its great functional features. Aside from a couple of drawers, it has a USB hub that connects four devices at once. That means you can connect your MP3’s, loudspeakers and so on. Have a lot of devices to connect to? Buy this one and let your peripherals work out at $263.72.

Techni Mobili Mobile & Compact MDF Computer Cart, Graphite

What’s to Drool Over: this one is a compact desk with even more compact features. Get a load of its desk on wheels, a retractable keyboard tray, and a side shelf to store up at least twelve DVDs or CDs. All of that in a great buy at $63.64.

Once we got over the desk, let’s get on with some of the other necessities to complete your gaming set. Here are some of the other devices to upgrade your gaming skills and experience.

Second stop, the monitors!

While most monitors in the market are okay for gaming, you have to admit that not all are equally made. You need something that could carry a bombardment of high resolution pixels and highly flexible setting changes. You might want, for starters, to buy a moniter with around twenty inches of screen. That’s the minimum dimensions for great gameplay.

Here are three of the best:


What’s to Drool Over: this is the cheapest monitor in the market to enjoy your gaming. It probably could use some more nicer specs, but at $210, you can’t beat the price.

Asus MG279Q

What’s to Drool Over: even if it’s one of the moderately expensive ones in the market, it’s a sure buy with its FreeSync technology and 144Hz rate of refreshment. Plus, it’s a 27 inch wide beauty at $542.46.

Acer Predator X34

What’s to Drool Over: it’s huge at 34 inches of screen, with a whooping 3440 by 1440 resolution. That’s at least twice the usual resolution of most gaming monitors in the market. Not sure what else is better out there, either. At $1299.99, you’ll get your money’s worth.

Third stop, Keyboards!

This is obvious for gamers that to be able to beat any game, you need some heavy artillery. The keyboard is your defense and offense. Invest in some of the best and you can win almost every time.

The best features with this type of device is their fast response. This means you can execute multiple commands more every minute than the typical keyboard could give. Add to the mix glowing features in the dark and different colors for individual keys, among other ones.

Here are some of the three best in the market:

Corsair Vengeance K95

What’s to Drool Over: Designed by Novatech Ltd, this one has a great package of features great for gaming or office use. Splurge on this one with $149.99.

Logitech G910 Orion Spark

What’s to Drool Over: If you are a serious gamer, you may want to consider this as part of your exclusive gaming gear. With a solid $179.99, you will enjoy the custom-made framework.

Corsair Strafe Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

What’s to Drool Over: on a budget but not willing to compromise on quality? Then check this out this model from Corsair.

Some add ons that will do great with your keyboards are the gaming keypads. With less keys and more on joysticks and buttons (read: arcade), it’s more comfortable and controllable. Enjoy the built-in wrist and hand support, too.

Fourth Stop, Mice!

Gaming mouses are great for the gaming set-up, too.

Here are some of the favorites:

Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard

What’s to Drool Over: this one is for the gaming hands only, with its ergonomic features. Featured at $79.99, it’s not a bad buy at all.

Xgaming X-Arcade Dual Joystick

What’s to Drool Over: whether it’s for your PC or for your Playstation, try this one for Street Fighter. Get it at $129.99.

Mad Catz MLG Pro Circuit Controller (for PlayStation 3)

What’s to Drool Over: A $99.99 piece of equipment is for the PlayStation 3 fanatics everywhere.

Corsair Vengeance M65

What’s to Drool Over: perfect for shooting games such as Counter Strike, this mouse could level-up with tracking and button for sniper shooting. Try it at $69.99.

Next Stop: Speakers and Headphones!

It’s not just the gameplay, the plot or the visuals, but it’s also about the sounds. They more than make up for suspense-building, heart-pounding, and edge-of-your-seats dramatic effects. Communicate with your team with headphones and lead a strategic attack on your opponents. It’s kind of redundant to say that having little or bad audio will break the gaming experience. So, amp it up with these muses:

Harman Kardon SoundSticks III

What’s to Drool Over: look over the $169.95 and have a go at the sounds coming from its high-quality sound box. It’s not one of the Editor’s Choice for no reason.

Paradigm Millenia CT

What’s to Drool Over: get some serious theater effects with this sound box. Although it’s a bank breaker at $699.99, it’s an awesome deal.

Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum

What’s to Drool Over: beautiful sounds, multi-platform compatible and wireless features. This one’s a keeper at $199.99.

Astro Gaming A40 TR + MixAmp Pro TR

What’s to Drool Over: control your sound levels with a mixer for this baby. It’s a bit on the expensive side, but splurge on it for great audio and easy audio change settings. Although wired, it will stand at $250.